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The burden basket is based in South Derbyshire

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HOPE School training Sept 2019

New training is in the planning stages for Sept 2019

Please click here for school information on the training and training content.

The service level agreement is here. This year the training is subsidised by the four Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's) in South Staffordshire. The cost for the package is £200.  This provides four days of training, five hours of individual support/guidance and termly networking.  In addition school trainees gain ongoing advice and access to worksheets and other resources FREE.  In return, school agree to release a staff person to develop the role of mental health support/lead and they will be required to attend the networking and complete feedback.  

Training and networking dates here

To book on, please use eventbrite.  You will be asked to read/sign the SLA and provide invoice details. 

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"Mental health problems rife among teenagers but teachers lack skills to help" says Guardian

Training for school staff in South Staffordshire that provides skills on helping teenagers' mental health

"MPs were warned that schools had only a “patchy” ability to pick up and prevent mental health problems in pupils."  -

Presumably because teachers' are pulled in many directions with competing demands on limited time?

If you are a teacher or school in South Staffordshire interested in gaining the skills  and knowledge of what to look for and what to do, consider the Hope Project for training and ongoing CPD. 

The burden basket is a mental health service provider for children & young people.  It specialises in support for staff helping vulnerable, troubled children and young people in school settings.  We also offer therapy for adults or professional supervision/de-briefing.

We use qualified, trained staff to work with children and young people offering face to face therapy, web-based or telephone supervision sessions.  We can offer groups in schools on topics such as emotions, anxiety, confidence.

Schools can request training or buy-in a range of services. 

Parent/Carers can also request a range of services for their child or young person and family which are delivered within the child's school. 

As a business with a social aim the burden basket is founded on the principle that everyone's mental health and overall emotional wellbeing is extremely important.  As the business has developed many children and young people have benefited through re-investment into local school communities. Sessions have been offered in schools on range of topics.

We pride ourselves on offering a quality service based on extensive knowledge and experience.  This enables us to be responsive in a crisis,  flexible in meeting needs and ensure satisfaction with our support.  Through all this, we can help others' mental health.  We aim to offer quality at a reasonable price and we have done well so far!  Read more "About Us". 

If you like what you have read please contact us to see what we can offer to you.  Burden Basket is based in South Derbyshire.

Call for more information or advice - FREE - about any of these mental health services for children & young people in South Derbyshire/Staffordshire:


Individual therapy



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Hope Project: Helping Our Pupils' Emotions