World MH Day 2017 Last day of HOPE Training


Why Training is Important

Training in Mental Health is essential for adults that work with children and young people in schools

Here's why...

Research demonstrates that parents and carers will usually turn first to their child's teacher/school for advice on their child or young persons' emotional well-being.  Yet school staff will often report feeling unskilled, untrained  and lacking the knowledge on how to help a pupil with mental health concerns. 

This information matters because students spend 6 hours a day in school and will often turn to someone they are familiar with to seek support and understanding.  Unknowingly, these children are turning to adults that feel unable to help as their "job" is to teach and improve learning, as per government targets.  

The training courses the burden basket is offering will cover crucial mental health concerns in a practical, understandable way.  More importantly it will provide tools, advice and strategies to help. The following statistics demonstrate why helping mental health as soon as possible is really important...

  • Research shows that at any one point in time 1 in 10 children and young people between 5 and 16 will experience a mental health problem. 
  • Half of the adults who have a long-term mental health concern began experiencing symptoms by the age of 14.
  • It is estimated that every 22 minutes in Britain, a child or young person in the UK is bereaved of a parent. 
  • Approximately 1 in 25 children and young people have experienced bereavement of a parent or sibling - that's about the same as one child in every school classroom in the country. 
  • Self-harming in young people is not uncommon (10–13% of 15–16-year-olds have self-harmed).  Download Distractions handout from NSHN
  • At least one in four people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their life and one in six adults has a mental health problem at any one time. 


HOPE Training feedback

"Lots of information to be able to get started.  Has opened my mind to different things and has changed some of my opinions.  The ‘ACES’ video was particularly striking.  Feel less scared about certain situations"

"I have found this training very helpful.  It has been good to have the 4 days to go through the information and it has been delivered excellently.  I am excited to adapt what I have learnt to support identified in school.  I am also keen to think about my staff’s wellbeing and I am gong to plan 1/2 termly slots for them to have ‘supervision’ times to ensure they are getting supported too."

"I have really enjoyed the training and it will help me within my role.  Thank you"

"The delivery of the training was excellent and very informative.  The course has given me a new found confidence in my job role.  Thank you!"

Full HOPE audit report here

MH Champion Training Day Two: Self Harm & Suicide

MH Champion Training Day Two: Self Harm & Suicide

Presentation handout here

Activities: Letter from Sally

Worksheets: Reducing Self Harm    Emergency Box aka Soothe bag  Harmless Workbook  Hurt yourself Less workbook

STORM worksheets for self harm and suicide

STORM_Assessment and management worksheet_suicide








Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

Excellent webinar and resources by Dr Pooky Knightsmith, "Talking to students at risk of suicide". Available for free here and "Understanding Self Harm"

National Self Harm Network

  • Support individuals who self harm to reduce emotional distress and improve their quality of life
  • Support and provide information for family and carers of individuals who self harm
  • Raise awareness of the needs of people who self harm, dispel myths and combat discrimination
  • Empower and enable those that self harm to seek alternatives to self harm and further help where appropriate


Young Minds The voice for young people's mental health and wellbeing. YoungMinds is the UK's leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people

Self Harm Alliance Survivor-led organisation supporting anyone affected by self-harm. Services include: resources and information for self-harmers, family and friends, and professionals; survivors’ stories; a help line; research into self-harm

Self Harm selfharmUK is a project dedicated to supporting young people impacted by self-harm, providing a safe space to talk, ask any questions and be honest about self harm

Papyrus: Prevention of Youth suicide

Day Three Handouts

Day Three of Staffordshire HOPE training 2018

Please print off the handout for the day.  There are many resources to choose from for the whole school audit (afternoon).  You may print off if you think it is useful or look through them online if you bring your tablet/laptop

1.  Presentation

2. You will need the whole paperwork pack from day one

3. Case recording guidelines and funny examples

4. Boundaries

5. Endings: Are we there yet?

AFTERNOON: Whole school wellbeing

6. Emotional
and Mental Health: Reducing barriers
  A Resource for Schools by Derbyshire county Council

7. Anna Freud Supporting
mental health and wellbeing in schools

8. LOGIC model (Interactive version) by AFC and LOGIC booklet with guidance

9. Entrust (Staffordshire) Whole School MH audit.  This audit has been designed to support schools to identify their strengths and challenges in relation to Mental Health. A best fit approach should be taken when deciding where your school fits the criteria.

10. A letter to Self: supporting information to help students through transition

11. Pupil audit

12. Staff audit: Can your school do better?

13. Resilience framework

HOPE: Mental Health Lead Training Day One 2018-2019 handouts

Print the following handouts for day one:

Understanding the mental health of Children & Young People presentation PDF and PPT

Good vs Poor MH body outline: download

Revised Children's Anxiety and Depression Scale (RCADS) and Scoring programmes  Download a child or a parent scoring sheet.  CYP IAPT Tools for all outcome measures via CORC

RCADS Scoring for parents and child/young person self-report

Evaluating MH in school LOGIC model  What does your school want to develop or improve on next year?  Try to complete prior to day one September 2018

Rugeley venue Training and networking dates 2018-2019 click here

STONE training dates click here

5P's formulation click here

Child RCADS click here

Parent RCADS click here

ACE's questionnaire click here

Complete paperwork set click here

Extra resources:

Steps to wellbeing

Wellbeing Action Plan from Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

My Five Ways Practical Chart

Mental Health Lead Training

Mental Health Training for school staff in South Staffordshire responsible for developing the school’s approach to mental health


***Please note this is only available for schools in South Staffordshire.  For schools within the locality of a South Staffordshire CCG this training is FREE***

Relevant reading before signing on:

1. Service Level Agreement  SLA Click here

2. Information for schools and training content Click here