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School training: understanding and supporting pupils’ mental health

The Burden Basket is inviting applications for the ‘Understanding & Supporting Pupils’ Mental Health’ 4-day training and support package being delivered by HOPE Project CIC.

4 days of training 09, 23 Sept, 07, 21  Oct 2024

Venue: Rugeley Community Center, WS15 2HX

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Mental health support & training provider for children and young people

Empowering schools to provide support for vulnerable or troubled children

The Burden Basket is a mental health service provider for children and young people. We specialise in support for staff helping vulnerable, troubled children and young people in school settings. We also offer online support for parents or professional supervision/debriefing for school staff.

The Burden Basket founded the HOPE Project (Helping Our Pupils’ Emotions), which started in Burton in 2012, to provide mental health training to teachers and support staff. The service extends throughout South Staffordshire.

Mental Health Counselling and Therapy Services for Children and Families


A safe place to talk and improve emotional wellbeing

Many people are put off asking for counselling/therapy because they are not sure how it can make a difference

The Burden Basket provides therapeutic support for a range of issues such as loss, divorce, trauma, parenting issues, relationships, social difficulties, stress and more.

We work with children and young people (under 18), families and adults (18+).

Free consultation

We offer a free 15 minute consultation prior to therapy. Please call us to find out how we can help.

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Mental health support for schools

The HOPE Project

The HOPE Project has been developed over the last six years and helps create positive outcomes for children that have an emotional need for support. The HOPE Project trains school staff to understand the mental health needs of young people and helps develop trainee support skills. It complements a whole school approach to positive health and psychological wellbeing.

HOPE Project schools offer a safe space in an environment in which the child feels comfortable. This has additional benefits such as the adults’ familiarity with the child/family which helps create a trusting relationship.

Many schools are noticing the lack of resources to support pupils’ emotional needs and an increasing wait for services to get involved. Knowing how to manage students’ big emotions or crises has been invaluable to many schools. The project can offer support to troubled pupils whilst waiting for specialist services if needed.

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Mental Health Support and Training for Schools
Mental Health training for teachers and staff

Mental heath support training

Essential training to help teachers and businesses to provide mental health support

The Burden Basket and The HOPE Project provides mental health training for schools, businesses and charities

By helping to solve mental health problems early it can help prevent mental health crises, improve productivity and improve overall wellbeing.

The training courses The Burden Basket is offering will cover crucial mental health concerns in a practical, understandable way. More importantly, it will provide tools, advice and strategies to help.

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Parents of children who attend HOPE schools can access our private Facebook group and join us on Zoom for help and advice.

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Feedback HOPE Audit Reports

Teacher Feedback from a Hope High School in Burton

The Hope Project has undoubtedly made a difference to students, which in turn has an impact on their parents and schools. It makes a difference to students knowing that they have allocated time ,which is dedicated to them, where they are listened to carefully and given one-to-one support and advice. The fact that The Hope Project worker is someone who is attached to our school, I believe, makes it easier for students to talk to them. The Hope Project is valuable in that it provides schools with another avenue of support.

Feedback from a Hope SENCO Primary School

Because we have several pupils with various difficulties, who are perhaps not quite in need of CAMHS service but are in need of some level of help, we wanted to be able to help them in school as they were finding it difficult to focus on learning when there were other things going on in their heads.

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