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Current DBS

Member of  British Association of Social Workers

About the burden basket

Rachel received her Masters in Clinical Social Work (MSW) from Boston University, MA, USA, graduating May 2001.  Rachel has worked in the UK since 2005. 

During the course of her career Rachel has worked in a variety of roles and settings:

  • Service Lead for service transformation.  Previously known as children & young people improving access to psychological therapies (CYP IAPT)
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health team: School-based practitioner
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapist (IPT)
  • School-based Social Worker in South Boston, USA
  • Residential schools for children with significant challenging and special needs, and emotional/behavioural difficulties
  • Community case manager for adults with persistent, chronic and enduring mental health issues
  • Independent play therapist
  • Substance misuse detox facility and counsellor
  • Training on a range of mental health issues, consultations to schools about whole-school approaches to improve children’s emotional well-being. 
  • Deliver one to one sessions to children, young people and parents/families around issues affecting their personal development, emotional well-being, relationships and any of life’s difficulties.

A bit more...

Rachel has over 20 years experience within mental health services and is Director of the burden basket. She offers training and consultation to schools about emotional well-being and mental health issues and how to support children and young people with any of life’s difficulties.

She has specialist skills in helping children, young people and families experiencing distress. Having trained and worked in America, South Africa and the UK she brings a vast wealth of experience and broad knowledge to her work, complemented with compassion and commitment to her clients; whether an individual, family, school or other community setting.