HOPE helps pupils and schools in a range of ways

"Because we have several pupils with various difficulties who are perhaps not quite in need of CAMHS service but are in need of some level of help. We wanted to be able to help them in school as they were finding it difficult to focus on learning when there were other things going on in their heads."     

SENCO, Primary School, Chesterfield

The HOPE Project

I would like to introduce you to a project that offers mental health support to children and families in Primary and Secondary schools called the Hope Project (Helping Our Pupils’ Emotions). 

The Hope Project has been developed over the past five years and has positive outcomes for children that have an emotional need for support.  The Hope project trains school staff to understand the mental health of young people and enhance their supportive, listening skills.  This provision delivered in school complements a whole school approach to positive health and psychological wellbeing.  The project/school offers a safe space in an environment the child feels comfortable.  This has additional benefits such as the adults’ familiarity with the child/family which aids the trusting relationship. 

Many schools are noticing the lack of resources to support pupils’ emotional needs and an increasing wait for services to get involved (http://www.theguardian.com/education/2014/apr/15/pupils-mental-health-cuts-services-stress-teachers).  Knowing how to manage students’ strong emotions and crises has been invaluable to many schools.    That is what Hope Project provides.   

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“The Hope Project” has undoubtedly made a difference to students, which in turn has an impact on their parents and schools.  It makes a difference to students knowing that they have allocated time which is dedicated to them where they are listened to carefully and givenone-to-one support and advice.  The fact The Hope Project worker is someone who is attached to our School, I believe makes it easier for students to talk to.  The Hope Project is valuable in that it provides schools with another avenue of support.

Teacher, High School Feedback, Burton