8 Week Online Mindfulness for Parent/Carers

mindfulness course for parents carers

Online 8 Week Online Mindfulness Course

This Mindfulness and Compassion course is simple enough to fit into your everyday life.  It is an 8 week, online (using Zoom), meditation course tailored for busy parents/carers.  The course will be delivered weekly to teach and practice. It is suitable for beginners or practising meditators. Through the 8 weeks we will share experiences and ideas to integrate fun, simple mindfulness activities to ease the stress of everyday parenting.  I will support you through the 8-week programme through discussions and time to collectively share ideas.  Book onto the 8 week online meditation course below and begin your journey.

Online 8 Week Mindfulness & Compassion Meditation

The course is an online 8 week mindfulness meditation course.  It will be focusing on techniques to remain mindful and observant when you start to feel negative emotions. Mindfulness meditation involves sitting quietly and paying attention to thoughts, sounds, the sensations of breathing or parts of the body, bringing your attention back to the present. Taught by mindfulness coach Rachel Rayner, the 8 week mindfulness meditation journey will offer:

  • time for open discussions
  • the chance to ask questions
  • tools to support you to help you understand
  • space to explore your truth and find peace

How do I book?

Please contact Rachel to book:

Email rachel@burdenbasket.co.uk

Call 07962229206