Why choose Us?

1) Extensive Experience

Rachel and associates have a broad experience within the mental health field. They have all worked with children, young people and adults. They have supported children and young people within residential homes/schools and community clinics,  worked and treated adults with chronic and persistent mental illness, substance misuse and trauma.

2) Flexible

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to any service addressing life's difficulties; whether that is one-to-one work, groups or any other intervention.  All options are explored to ensure all involved are happy with what is decided.  Services are flexible to fit restricted budgets and limited resources. 

The burden basket works creatively to find solutions that help the person, family, school or organisation.  For example, she is able to work outside 'traditional' working hours or to work with school clusters that want to pool their budgets.

3) Satisfaction

It is important to Rachel that you are satisfied with the service provided and that afterwards you are confident to recommend burden basket to others for their mental health needs.  Please report any dissatisfaction straight away.

4) Integrity

 Honesty, reliability, integrity, and a conscientious work ethos are all important to Rachel and associates.  Her commitment to working effectively is a distinguishing trait matched by her compassion to help and make a difference in people’s lives. 

5) Knowledgeable

All interventions of burden basket reflect best evidence based practice and follows recommended legislative guidelines. Rachel and associates keep up to date with current research, guidance and government policies. 

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